My trip to the feed store!!! (Pics Included)


Jan 3, 2011
Westminster, SC
Well I called the feed store saturday to see if they had any chicks and to see if they had any ameraucanas. The lady told me they would be getting some in this morning. Well I got up early this morning and got there before they opened the gate. The chicks hadnt got there yet so I had to wait till the lady went and picked them up at the PO. When she got back and unloaded all of them she then tells me that all the ameraucanas have been spoken for and that they would have had a few extras but the hatchery didnt send all they were suppose to. So I spoke up for 12 out of next tuesdays order. When I left there I went to TSC because I knew they were suppose to get some chicks and when I got there they had 5 ameraucana chicks left so I grabbed them and put them in a box before anyone else could. I know they are probably really EE's (because I read on here that hatcheries usually sell EE's as ameraucanas) but im hopping so because thats what I actually want. Here they are (#5 is rowdy thats why im holding him, he wanted to run off):





I would have been not so nice if they said they were all spoken for. They do not "advertise" you can preorder. So glad you found some fuzzy butts. Adorable

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