My Trudy suffering from possible Respirtory issue?

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    A couple days ago, I noticed my polish top hat, Trudy, having a type of cough, and through she got something caught in her throat. I quickly picked her up and looked in her mouth and found nothing. I thought it was a one time thing. I was wrong, next I heard her raspy breathing while she was perched on her post. In the past I had a rooster with the same issue, and I gave him VetX, and it worked. This time not so much. I am looking for treatment for my poor little Trudy which doesn't involve giving her a needle. Can anyone help me?
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    If it were a respiratory issue there would be other symptoms in Trudy and you'd be seeing symptoms in your other birds as well. How long have you owned Trudy and are there any other birds showing respiratory disease symptoms?
    Even if it were a fungal problem, other birds would be susceptible to spores and showing the same symptoms.
    It's possible a feed granule or other debris may have been picked and swallowed but it went down into the trachea rather than the esophagus. If that's the case, nothing can be done.
    I've had this happen when chickens gorge feed especially in the mornings.
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    I thought i heard another one beginning the coughbut wasn't 100% sure. Ive own Trudy for a little over a year. She sounds rapsy a long with the cough. Other than that nothing.
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    Do you hear any sneezing or see any watery or bubbly eyes in thse two birds? There are a handful of possible respiratory diseases from viruses, bacteria, and fungus. Here is a good link to read about infectious bronchitis, MG, coryza, ILT, and aspergillosis:

    Chickens can get exposed to respiratory diseases from wild birds, birds who lived elsewhere and were brought into your flock as carriers, and we can bring germs in on our shoes, clothes, and hands. Have you added any new chickens recently?
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