My two Buff silkies dont seem to be growing???


6 Years
Feb 2, 2013
Hi everyone...

About a month ago I got 8 chicks.. 4 of the eight were bantam silkies.. two white and two buff. The white seem to be on track getting bigger and the two little buff silkies still look like little week old chicks, just with feathers.. They are so cute, but still so small.. Anyone know why?? I know they are bantam so they will always be on the smaller side, and if I didn't have the white ones to compare them to I probably wouldn't even know any different. Its just that the white silkies are almost twice their size. The buffs are doing great, and doing everything the others are doing... just itty bitty..

Thanks for anything you can think of :) I'm a new chicken mamma :)
if everything seems good and healthy, im going to guess your whites came from larger birds.

if the size difference is pretty drastic, I would separate the two buffs. silkies tend to let other birds beat them into corners.

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