My two little flighty ladies

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  1. I have these two little white leghorns. They love to fly over the fence that keeps the run from the rest of the yard..So yesterday when I went to close the coop up for the night, I was missing them...I looked everywhere in the dark with a flash light, couldn't find them. Freaking out I ran to go get my husband so he could help me. As we were coming back out in the dark I tripped and the light from the flash light flickered up into the birch tree, and guess what I two little ladies, about 10 feet up in the tree, roosting like nobodies business. Just though I'd share a picture...
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    Feb 5, 2009
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    It took my two leghorns over a year to learn to roost in the coop. I had been shooing them in for a year, every night. At least they they came back to a shed near the coop where I could find them.

    Well, most nights. Occasionally one stayed out all night galavanting.
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    Aug 5, 2008
    That's a funny story and picture, kycklingmamma. They almost look like "birds"! [​IMG]
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    To funny! [​IMG] I bet you were scared, I know I'd be. Glad you found them safe. Now, just to get them to go into the coop at night, right? Best of luck to you.
  5. Quote:Lol, that's a funny mental image. [​IMG]
  6. They did again last night, except it was earlier in the evening when I found them, sort of like dusk. I immediatley noticed that two leghorn were missing (I have 4 in all) and looked up, and jepp, there they were..Silly Girls. This is a completely new thing for them, they have been roosting in the coop for about a month and half..
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    Jul 30, 2008
    Years ago when I had 80-90 mixed flock of hens and they free ranged all the time, the white leghorns were the ones who seemed to want to roost in the trees all the time.
    Go figure, you wouldn't have thunk it because they were breed soley for egg production and you would think that their true natural instincts would not be that strong.
    But then again if you think about why would a bird want to be in a confined space if given the choice, it would make them easier for a predator to catch.

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