My very first eggs :)

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    Jun 24, 2014
    I started with 7 chicks at the end of May. 3 ended up to be roosters - 1 went to a farm in August; the last 2 are heading to a farm tomorrow. We bought two more pullets in the Fall to replace the roos. The hens are now about 20 weeks old and the recent additions are about 24 weeks old.
    We just found 2 of the first eggs yesterday and I have one today. The eggs have all been beautifully formed, clean, strong shelled eggs. I am so excited. I was not expecting eggs until spring now that we are down to 11-12 hours of daylight. I think the layer is our 24 week old black or red rock (not sure what she is called but she had beautiful black feathers with iridenscent green spots and some copper feathers around her neck underneath the black ones.

    Here are the eggs. They were yummy!


    So now we have the following kinds of hens:

    1 lavender orpington - Polly
    1 cream legbar - Ona
    1 cream legbar cross (easter egger) - Bok Bok Choy
    1 black rock (I think sussex X barred rock) - Midnight
    1 red sussex (I think rhode Isl. red X sussex) - Penny
    1 easter egger (not sure what the cross is but has pretty black and white and brown and white stripping on feathers on body with a black tail) - Nugget

    I am so excited for the others to lay so I can see what colour eggs I'll get (I'm guessing that I will possibly have olive, blue and brown eggs at some point between now and spring).


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    Jul 24, 2013
    Congratulations on the first eggs! [​IMG]

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