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    Jul 22, 2014
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    sent a pm...leg therapy in a cup
  2. attimus

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    Thankyou just spent the last 40 mins with it sitting in a ramican in front of a lamp on my counter while I made breakfast. It decided to climb out of that and the little box. I put it back in the brooder a few minutes ago. Took a minute but it clambered back under mommy which is more than it was moving when I took the first pic. Its one of the kelso so regardless of gender I really want it to make it.
    I'll repeat every few hours til its up to speed with the rest. Thanks again.
  3. BessieMae

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    Mar 12, 2014
    Very nice set up!!
  4. attimus

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    Thanks everyone. Just saw the first duckling poke its head out. You can see it to the left in the shadow
    Got some nutri drench to help the chicks along, the little one specifically. Its still fighting that's for sure. Watched it move an awkward foot or so early while mama was out. In the cup for a bit and back under her. If it still needs help tomorrow I'm going to set up something inside.
    Back to monitoring
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    Nov 27, 2012
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    Oh is mama giving you what for....or what?!
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  6. attimus

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    Indeed. And just saw another pipping. So many birds. So exciting. :)
  7. attimus

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    Update! 4 eggshells on the outside of the duck nest now. Lol. Its so exciting.
    Gonna check on the little one under Athena in a bit. 3 leg workouts yesterday plus the chick booster. Keeping our fingers crossed it was strong enough to make it through the night under her. There hasnt been any noticeable activity from the rest of the eggs at this point either. Seems like 25 days is long enough to wait. Anyone had hatches any later than that? I will be opening them when the time comes to see how far along they were, same for the duck eggs tho that's going to be a little trickier with the amount of eggs that are out. Maybe float then candle then open. Don't need any bombs blowing up in my face.

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  8. attimus

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    Update on the babies.
    6 ducklings and 5 chicks. The little one is pulling through so far. I'm very excited about that. Going to check the rest of the eggs again in the morning then deal with it from there. Hoping for more ducklings in the am as well. I think 4 or so left to go under her. Watched the 5th one squirm all around the nest today right after hatch, poor little bugger looked tired. But managed to make it under mom eventually.
    A few shots from today
    The mixed flock am Xs
    And the two kelso
    Crazy size difference between them and I'm going to need to ask about kelso chicks somewhere because these two are obviously different and its possible that I have one of each gender.
    Long days ahead
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  9. attimus

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    OK so 6 ducks and 5 chicks. Candled the 4 remaining eggs this morning and duds. Will candle the remaining duck eggs shortly. Thanks @birdman55 for the cup therapy. The chick is much improved.
    Once this thunderstorm passes I'll get back out and finish up the new coop. Don't get much done in the rain. Anyways enjoy your day everyone.
    Onward and upward
  10. attimus

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    Mama took the babies to the pond this morning
    Had a chance to candle the remaining eggs. She pushed one out so didn't even bother with it. The other 3 look like the chicken eggs did. So I don't have hopes for them. I'll crack them tomorrow like the others just to see for sure. Thunder has passed but its still wet so who knows what will get done today.

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