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    Feb 7, 2007
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    Here is the link to my website for everyone to look at and see my little Cochin Bantams and Frizzles. Hope yall like, and for a fair warning, it hasnt been updated in almost a year so, those pics are pretty old.

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    Jan 28, 2007
    Hey guy!!! Great to see ya! I'm trying to get used to coming over here to see whats going on...glad to see faces (names) I recognize!

    *edited to add* Oh btw, the website's looking GOOD!
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  3. with a personal biography in Chickens and start by shareing with each other the results of our research with the goal of furthering the breed and not self glorification which I do not find in Chickens today. Frankly we need each other Thank you Meadowlark . When I was new in dogs I did a lot of traveling to visit others in dogs. My parents were ill and I traveled with my great Aunt who showed shelties. She took me to every dog show where shelties were shown and we often visited the breeders in the area. Now we have the luxury of using web sites like yours to visit each other.
    This is good in many ways but it limits the personal visitation and discussions that followed these visits with our new friends. Study and research was primary on our topics of discussions and it lead me to a deep int rest in Genetics.

    This is such a complex subject that we took the areas very seriously. I dare say that many peoples were so completely caught up in these studies that we formed the ASSA to compile the information gleaned from each other.

    One of the most important topics was what made up Type. This has to do with both temperament ,physical attributes, and the ability to carry on with the original reasons that the breeds were developed. How and why these attributes reacted to create the total package that we called the Shetland Sheepdog was of primary importance to us and the visitation to each others kennels along with the TRUST and bonds we had from these personal visits were invaluable in creating our commitment to the breed of study. This is why we flare up in anger at those people who have simply entered the breed with a desire to compete only and have taken the short cuts in genetics to further their own personal gals of extending our trusts for the sake of our stated goals.

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