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Jun 27, 2011
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Hey guys! I'm trying to get started in breeding Bantam Cochins, LF Cochins, Polish, Old English Game Bantams and Marans. I'm just getting started but I'm trying to get the website going. I need some feedback and/or advice.

Here's some info/plans:
-There aren't pictures up yet because I'm waiting until I've got my breeder birds and for the pens to be finished.
-On the home page under "How We Got Started" I specified that we're just getting started and until we're more experianced and have better birds that we're meerly hobbiests and our birds are better suited for backyard/small flocks. What do y'all think? Would that make you not want to buy from us? I don't want to mislead anybody.

I need some serious feedback on:
-What would you add or take off?
-Is everything organized ok?
-Am I leaving off any information that you would include?
**I'm probably going to add the breed standards once I get going better**

Lay it on me!
The site looks GREAT first of all. You've done a beautiful job.
The only suggestion that I would make is to put your pricing (under each of the breed tabs) in some sort of table format. I can appreciate your effort to format the text in a way that is organized, but I think a table would be easier on the eyes.

Good luck! Can't wait to see it with some of the photos.
Ok I'll see if I can do that and compare the two


EDIT: Well I looked at the site editor and it doesn't have any way to put in a table. I'm reallllyyyy not savvy when it comes to websites and all this stuff so unless someone can give me some advice on how to do the table for prices, I'm stuck with what I got.
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