My whole flock was killed last night, please help me

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by BikerBabeRules, Apr 6, 2008.

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    I am terribly sorry this has happened to your flock and your family. The shock and distress when you go outside to find something like this is unthinkable. I hope you are able to find out what happened and save whats left. Predators are difficult to deal with - I was recently looking into a solar powered post topper that has a blinking red light - supposed to mimic another predators red eye and deter them from coming in? A local gentleman here says it really has reduced his losses to fox, coyotes, dogs, raccoons, etc that come off of the fields onto his property. I'm sure others know more about the pros and cons of it. I also dont know if they are effective against smaller predators like weasels, which this sounds suspiciously like it may be? I lost all but 3 of my chickens/hens out of all of my geese, turkeys and chickens this year - to my own dogs.
    Take care of yourself - Keep everyone updated and let us know that you are okay, and how the handful of chickens that are left are doing?
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    What a horrible morning. I hope a few that escaped to safety and return home today. Sorry for your loss [​IMG]
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    Oh my goodness! I'm terribly sorry!

    It cant be a weasel or coon or possum... due to the fact so many were killed and missing. I'm thinking possibly a couple bobcats. You do have bobcats there right?

    When I lived at my old house I used to have a few ducks there. My one female pekin laid eggs, but there was no male to fertilize them. So a friend of ours gave us a dozen fertilized duck eggs, that we swapped with the infertile ones in her nest. She hatched 12 healthy babies. They lived in the barn at night, walked around during the day. Well, she must've been outside the one stall with her babies, and she went missing. We followed the feathers and blood into the woods and lost the trail.
    So whatever it was, she was protecting her babies from it. So we took the babies and closed them up in the barn every night.
    We had sighted a bobcat snooping around during the day, and we did have a family of bobcats living in our woods. So obviously we knew instantly what did it.
    Well, every night, it came back... somehow got under the door, and took ducklings.

    It was devastating. We put wood under the door and everything. It still managed to get in. And I'm surprised it wanted to because of our horses being there.

    So I know how you feel. And I hope that some of your chickens come home.
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    I am so sorry Kathy, I know how hard this must be for you and your family. Knowing the predator's psychology, we all know that the CREATURE will come back, I hope you capture it, I couldn't get my oppossum and the hawk. I did notice the hawk sitting on the fence and trees near by to observe the routine I guess, so keep an eye on that too, I know it'll come back, if it took several poor souls with it, then probably not tonight. Meanwhile, let us know if we can be of any help, anything at all. Lots of hugs.
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    So sorry, know just how you feel !

    We experienced something similar last summer. Our main culprits were foxes (more than one). We let a certain number of our chickens completely free range around barnyard area.

    Unfortunately, foxes prove to be near impossible to live trap. We had to explore other alternatives to reduce the number (and know that news ones will probably moved in sooner or later).

    We've also had a weasel problem, but that was just one hen here and there. Hope you figure out just what predator you are dealing with.
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    I found several of the silkies and laying hens. They were ALL bitten in teh back of the head. I'll get the culprit and when I do.............most likely weasel and they hunt in pairs i've learned....leg traps are best to get them.
    thank you all for caring.
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    I'm so sorry for our loss. I hope you catch whatever animal is responsible.
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    [​IMG] so sorry hard for you :aww
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    I am so sorry. That is just terrible. [​IMG]
    Keep an eye on the rest of your flock because it WILL be back and it will take what you have left if given the chance.
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    There is no question: raccoon.

    Weasels will eat one or two and come back the next night.

    A fox will steal two or three.

    Raccoons will show up in a gang and kill everything. Bite off the heads. They get a bloodlust and inflict total carnage. They are climbers so they came in from the roof.
    I lost 25 chickens in one night. They had to climb in so they bit off all the heads, ate one, and left.

    They have the dexterity to open doors and locks. They'll reach through cages and strangle birds. My city friends tell many stories about raccoons. They broke into her third floor apartment and broke through the screen door on the balcony. She heard a bang in the night, went into her kitchen and found food spilled and the door open. She threw food in the garbage, closed the door and barred it solid. Went to bed, not a minute later noise started again, she went out, the coons were INSIDE and had hid in the cupboards. She opened the door and they ran out. She said one was huge, like a football fullback, and figured he charged the door to break it down.

    If you leave a dog out, one will run by to lead the dog away and the rest will raid the barn. They will run in circles to confuse dogs on their tracks. And they can move real fast. That's why coon hunting is popular in the south.

    I declared war. Shoot on sight.

    I have two dogs. At night one is free, one tied to a doghouse attached to chicken house. Then I when I took a leak I left it outside around the posts of my chicken yard. (not recommended with close neighbours)

    Lost one bird over the following 20 years. Good luck.

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