Mycoplasma now what to do?


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Today i took 3 of my flock to the vets to get this snotty nose and cough sorted as i had 1 die on Sunday. Now i was told it probable Mycoplasma and she injected the 3 hens and gave me the injections to do the rest. I did get a bit confused as i told her i had 3 chicks and she said you cart give then tylan as they are too young, i asked about medicated chick crumbs and she said that you can't get that. so what are the medicated chick crumbs for? Also she said that if i get new stock i need to get more Tylan and inject them as my original flock will always have this and spread it and it can reoccur.
Am i wrong in thinking that it would be easier and safer to cull all the flock and start again? I know it seem harsh but iv got 12 bantam eggs in the incubator now and next month I'm hoping to get 20 turkey eggs ready for the Christmas trade. I'm totally con fussed and relay sad about this and don't know the best way of dealing with it. Am i making a mountain out of a mole hill as they say


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Medicated chick food won't work for mycoplasma, that's just used as a preventitive for cocci.

Tylan should help, however the vet is right and new chicks you get will become infected with mycoplasma as well -- your current chickens will be carriers. With a closed pet flock, I'm all for treating them, but if you are planning to get more chickens culling these will save those from getting sick.
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No mole hills here, just mountains. A mycoplasma positive flock should be culled. Everything needs to be cleaned within an inch of its life- coop, run, feeders, waterers, your shoes, etc. And then you start from scratch. It is the safest, most economical way to keep your new flock healthy. You especially don't want to be trying to grow out meat birds for consumption that are mycoplasma positive. Your bottom line will be severely affected.

I am sorry for what you must do. Good luck.

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