Mynah Birds


8 Years
Mar 4, 2011
Buffalo (but from Long Island)
I don't know of any personally, but two places to start looking are and Be prepared to spend quite a bit more money than you did years ago, as they are no longer imported from the wild and thus all are captive-bred. This will make for a better pet, but they aren't the easiest birds to breed, so the price has jumped. I don't know how many years ago you had one, but also please be aware that in the last few years, we have learned about the health dangers to mynahs and other softbills from iron storage disease. If and when you get your next mynah, throw away anything you heard about how to feed them from years ago if that meant feeding dog food or meat. Their main diet should be low-iron softbill pellets with plenty of fresh fruit every day. Enjoy your search.



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