Mysterious Egg


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6 Years
Feb 2, 2013
Hampshire, England
Hi everyone,

I've had a pair of society finches for about a year now and we assume both are girls with my iffy guessing of sex (did a fair bit of googling and I'm assuming both are female due to a thread I read on 'long and short calls' and females being the only sex able to produce long calls or something...)

Anyway. This morning I came home, nipped into my room to do the morning feed and there was a cracked egg outside of the cage on their table. I've never had any eggs or breeding from them since I bought them, and I bought them together from the same breeder so I'm sure they're siblings. I know it might be a silly question but will finches lay eggs without mating?
My zebras were constantly mating and laying eggs to be honest. I had to separate them in the end. But I've never seen anything from these two.

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