mysterious weak silkie pullet, not eating or moving - why??

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    Aug 25, 2009
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    I found my 5 month old silkie pullet, Sookie, acting strange in the coop 5 days ago.

    Hunched neck, cold feet, empty crop, looking weak and just "not herself".

    She has always been a happy, chirpy, talkative and active little girl so I put her in isolation with some Tylan in water as she had a faint wheezing. Eyes clear, nose clear.

    A day later she had not touched food or water and wasn't standing anymore, just laying still with droopy wings.

    I brought her in the house and have been syringing food and liquids down her throat every few hours the past two days as she will not eat or drink by herself, she seems to have lost the use of her legs and is balancing herself on her wings. Her poops have been green and now they have turned to what looks like undigested food in watery discharge - and it STINKS. I've been feeding her a mash of 23% protein turkey pellets, yogurt, water and iron-free poly-vi-sol. More Tylan in water as she was wheezing and gurgling this morning, which is gone now.

    She has become completely quiet, not even a chirp [​IMG]

    Could she be depressed at being separated from her flock??

    Why isn't she eating or drinking at all?

    If I put her on her side she doesn't even try to right herself up, she just lays there blinking and looking tired.

    What is wrong with her legs?

    Everyone else in the coop is super fine... and yes, it's been very very cold here, the coop is damp (it's a horse stable) but she's been fine all winter up until a few days ago. Nothing in their routine or food has changed, so I'm perplexed.


    I *love* this little girl and cannot lose her [​IMG]
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  3. technodoll

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    Aug 25, 2009
    Quebec, Canada

    My little pullet is getting weaker in the legs, she cannot sit anymore and keeps tipping over to her side or on her butt, then topples over.

    She cannot right herself up.

    She tries, though. She seems alert and wanting to fight this, whatever it is.

    Her poops look like undigested solid food in a pool of liquid, if that helps. Not so smelly anymore.

    She was recently dewormed and has never been outside, so I doubt she has parasites.

    As I said, she was fine a week ago and now today, she's unable to use her legs, she will not eat or drink and her food seems to exit her body undigested.

    What the heck??

    I will try feeding her scrambled eggs today, it's messy as I have to shove bits of food down her throat and she has a small beak.

    I'm adding some Poly-vi-sol drops and fortified water yet so far nothing seems to help, on the contrary she is getting worse.

    Anyone else ever see this? [​IMG]
  4. fabfarm

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    Oct 20, 2013
    If you are still looking for answers,I had a hen do this once unforturnetly she died mysteriously over night after she seemed to have been better....don't give up on her hang in there!!:cd

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