Mystery chick


Mar 10, 2017
West Salem, OH
I got 7 chicks from meyer hatchery in polk ohio. One was a meyer meal maker which you donate the eggs or meat dealers choice. It's a free pullet(the yellow one) but a random breed has anyone done this any ideas only a couple weeks old. Thank you byc.
I think it might be too young to tell. I know they had New Hampshire Reds as their meal maker a couple of weeks ago but it changes daily. If you're really curious, maybe you can call Meyer, they might have a record of what they were including that day.
I'm no expert on breeds, but check for five toes and if it has five toes, it's a silkie. Also, if there's feathers on the feet, that rules out a lot of breeds. Although it doesn't really look like you have either, but check anyways.
It'll be fun to have a surprise though!
Their website says they will send a chick similar to your order. If you pullets, they will send a female chick. If you order meat chickens, they will send a meat chicken. So what did you order?

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