mystery Death!! ?


12 Years
Jan 3, 2008
so one of my white rock hens was found dead this morning by my cousin.
I checked it for any signs of injury or anything like that, Nothing.
i checked to see if it had something stuck in its throat, nothing.
I felt for any broken bones (maybe steped on by a cow), still nothing.
it was halfway under an old grain shed, but not stuck in any way.
any ideas?
the rest of the flock is happy as can be.
oh yeah, she was only about 9 months old.
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From what I have heard, White Rocks have a tendency to just "drop dead" , usually due to heart problems etc. They are bred to grow quickly therefor it is harder for them to walk as they get bigger. Also I have read that they do not tolerate certain season/weather conditions as well as other heartier meat birds. Maybe someone else here on the forum might have more experience/advice on this for you.
Sorry to hear your hen died, it's never easy when that happens.

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