Mystery Hatch


11 Years
Jun 13, 2009
Pasadena, CA
I just went to Whole Foods and bought a carton of a dozen fertile brown eggs. I am VERY tempted to throw them in the incubator and see what hatches...just one problem,
Dad says "NO!" I have show quality bantams on a very small property, so large layers from a factory would not fit in well here.

I was thinking maybe if I got a few people to buy the chicks after I hatch them, he'd let me do it.

Anybody want to help me on this educational endeavor!?
Too far and expensive for unknown chicks for me. But I bet you could sell them on your local Craig's List.
There are a few people on here from N. Cali. I would try to post them on Craigslist too. Or do you have a feed store close by that might unload them for you?

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