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5 Years
May 31, 2015
Okay I have been keeping polish for many years. I have been working on a splash project just for fun. I have 4 white crested White hens, 4 white crested black hens, 2 white crested blue hens, 3 splash hens, and one silver laced hen, covered by one white crested white rooster and one splash.
Obviously I hatch some white crested white, but mostly blues or splashes. ***Please understand this is just a fun project for me I am not at all trying to breed something for showing. They just always come out so fun looking and I love it.
Anyway I've had this pen for three years now. Today this chick hatched. During primary breeding months of the year my birds do not free range. I have 10 separate coops with 10 separate runs, built in a "barn stall" setup with five coops running down either side and a walkway and doors down the middle. I have no idea how a chicken could possibly have escaped and gotten back in or a rouge chicken could have possibly entered. I suppose in any world there is a possibility that could have happened, I just can't see how it would be possible, though I accept that could be the case here regardless.
Anyway this chick hatch today and I am absolutely baffled. The leg color is strange, it's colored pattern is bizarre but it looks like a Polish chick should otherwise?!
Has anyone ever seen a (assumed purebred) polish chick with colors like this?


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You know, it could be a sport. I have Crevecoeurs, which are all black, but Jeannette Beranger from the Livestock Conservancy gave me an all-white sport. She has had several in her flock. My white sport won best of variety at the Ohio National last year.

My advice is, if it's different, propagate it! That advice goes for plants, too.
What other breeds do you have besides the polish

The pen to the left of them is the grow out pen so I don't have anything over there if I could have gotten over, on the other side of them is the ducks, after that is "Gen Pop" eggers and then the rabbit colony. On the other side I have Chocolate Cuckoo Orpingtons, Derbyshire Redcaps, Mille Fleur Leghorns, Turkeys and then Silkies.
I have read that some breeds have particular sports more often. For example, you won't see a Crevecoeur sport with five toes often, but the occasional white bird is somewhat common in Crevecoeurs. It's not a true white, it's "sooty" meaning it has gray spots. These almost-white, sooty sports were originally bred together to get the white Crevecoeur in Europe. And then they crossed them back to black Crevecoeurs to get blues and splashes. That's what the French web sites say, if you can believe the Google translator.

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