Mystery Pullet


May 22, 2021
Helena, MT
I'd appreciate your help. I over-chickened this spring, and I lost my breed list. I've identified everyone except this girl. She is roughly 12 weeks old and was purchased at North 40 in Great Falls, MT. I know Hoover Hatchery is one of their suppliers. Thoughts?

Mystery Pullet.jpg
I scrolled through Hoover Hatchery and the closest coloring, that I saw, was the cream legbar. However, the CL has a crest and regular comb. Can we get an up close picture of her comb?
No way that is a silver gray dorking. Or any dorking in general. My profile picture is a silver gray dorking, for reference. But I don't know, maybe a barred rock mixed with something else?
Hoover's favorite thing to do is mix everything together. They may as well go by Sherwin Williams.

It sort of resembles those weird Barred Rocks they were pumping out last year or year before last. Conformation is all wrong though. @EmmaRainboe

I'll wait for comb pics too. Wondering if it's a modified pea.

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