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Apr 20, 2013
Hi, I recently got a group of eggs from a friend, all of which were supposed to be Wyandottes. However, I have two chickens that I cannot seem to figure out the breed of. Turns out, the friend I got my eggs from also got eggs from one of her friends, and some of those eggs got mixed in with mine. At the moment we have no idea what these two chickens could be. I believe I have one hen and one rooster. These are some pictures of the hen:

And these are some pictures of the rooster:

Their coloring and body style are so similar that I think they are the same breed. One thing I noticed is the rooster has a beard, but the hen doesn't seem to have one. Does anyone have any idea what breed they could be? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
They both look like possible Easter Eggers to me. I agree, you probably have one pullet and a cockerel.
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I think they both look like mixed breed pullets. They look to have a lot of EE in them, but the combs look to me more like rose combs than pea combs, so I don't know if they could have been mixed with Wyandottes, given your first post.

How old are they? That would help determine gender. I agree the second bird has a somewhat larger comb, but I'm not seeing anything really screaming male....depending on age. So might better head shots.
Just curious, What makes you all think the second one is a rooster?

It could be, but the comb is not real red or defined pea comb. It looks like some of my pullets with a rose comb.

I am NOT an expert, just asking.
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Thanks for the help, at least now I know the breed. They are about 4 months old now.

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