N00bie starting to design, questions, turkeys??

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    Hi there. BTW I love this site!

    I am starting to design my first coop and I had some questions. But here's a little background first:

    This is our first time at poultry, and yes, we got turkeys. Well it's only one turkey now [​IMG] but we also got 2 Rouen ducks and 3 chickens (2 Golden Wyandottes and 1 surprise Silver). I do want to get more chickens and maybe another turkey so Rudy doesn't keep thinking he's a duck.

    I already know that the coop is going to be 3-4 ft x 8 ft, not sure about the height yet, kinda depends on the turkey I think. I know I want to have a side storage bin for hay and food. I am going to have a 2-stage attached run as well (1st phase is going to be 8 ft x 12 ft, 2nd phase is 2 sides of the garage). I have a small window, and I think I want the side to open up so I can clean it out well... but I would still like some advice. We are in Northern California, it rains a lot here and doesn't usually get above 70. It frosted this week.

    So my questions:

    Is it a bad idea to keep chicken ducks and turkey together in the same run?

    Besides a bigger sized roost, what other elements to turkeys need; would they use an enclosed area?

    What design elements could I incorporated to make my coop 'portable' (I want ease of disassembly for when we move).

    How is a dropping pit different from having a door to get into the coop to clean it?

    Is there a particular angle to the ramp leading into the coop that is most comfortable for chickens?

    How raised should the coop be? I was thinking 18 inches so they can run around under it, but is that too high?

    Are ducks just too messy to keep with chickens?

    For a run roof, any pros/cons to the translucent plastic siding, or would the metal be better?

    Thank you!

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