Naked Neck x Polish

Yes, however the crest will be small and neck "less naked"- most likely naked on back of neck with a big bib of feathers on the front.

The good news is, you just need to keep one naked necked chick from this cross and breed back to pure polish to get naked necks with medium or larger crests. If you want to continue, all you have to do is breed a naked necked bird each generation back to pure polish until happy with results. That's because naked neck is a simple semi dominant gene so you need a visually naked necked bird each generation. Birds without naked necks do not "carry the gene hidden"- it's either right there for all to see or does not exist at all if that makes sense.

To get NN birds with medium/large crests, it is much easier to breed the second generation naked necks with medium/large crests to each other and some of the chicks will have very naked necks but also a higher proportion of the chicks will have decent sized crests. However it is possible to get some of these by breeding the first generation crosses together, but the crest size will vary wildly from none/very small to mostly medium and a few full sizes.

Have fun!

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