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Jun 24, 2013
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Oohhhh, ooohhhhh, I love playing "Guess that Breed" game...even if I'm not super good at it.

So here are my guesses...some I think are pretty good guesses...

Behind square no #1...Alex, I'll take "What is a Red Sexlink"

Square #2...kinda fuzzy...White Rock or White Leghorn... but leg color is wrong...should be yellow. Maybe a mix? or a White of a breed I'm not thinking of...sorry....

squares #3, 4 and 5: Likely Rhode Island Red, especially for square #4. Square #5 could be another Red Sexlink as white on tail and wings...if that stays white, it is a Red Sexlink. If they get darker red like Square #4, it is your RIR. If they get more orange than red and have a black fringe on their tail feathers, that will be a New Hampshire. If they get white splashings on their tails and sort of laced here and is a Red Sexlink.

squared #6 and 7 look like Buff Orpingtons to What is a Buff Orpington please.

Now for round two....

Okay, round two...

Square #8, Because of the ticking around the neck, I'm going to say mixed breed of something....otherwise I'd say Gold Sexlink....but I'm not sure because of the patterning around the neck. If is has green legs, it could be an Easter Egger, but that looks to be a straight comb and nothing else says EE. It honestly looks like my Buff Wyandottes that have ticking around their necks due to one side being a Silver Laced and the other Buff...look to see if it has a rose comb developing...but the photo looks like a single comb.

Square #9: My guess is Black Austrolope

Square #10 Another Gold Star/Red Star/Red Sexlink hybrid...pullet

Square #11 Barred Rock pullet. Nice dark coloring with even white bars and black leg swash.

Those are my guesses

Lady of McCamley

Black with whitr ears is an EE :)
No mixed breeds except the ee and red sexlinks. Supposedly buff orps
The buff with ticking has white legs. Her name is Chicken McFancypants and i originally thought orpington, but she has tan lacing too :/
Where did you get them?

The Buff with ticking and tan lacing...that sounds like a mix...might have meant to be pure, but something else is in it somewhere???
Lady of McCamley
Mypetchicken is where i got her. If she had feathered legs id say brahma! I have breeds that they didnt list in the assortment!

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