Name that game... Old English? Mixed Breed? Help!!! (pic heavy)


10 Years
May 28, 2011
Lakeland, FL

The first three are hens, and are approximately 6-7 months old. They are the size of doves, and were hatched from eggs that I got from my neighbor. She doesn't know what the parents are either. They're super sweet, friendly, social, love to be held. I'd like to know what they are so that I can get more.

The girls (Fury, Twerp, and Squirt):

Fury (slate legs, comb type?)

Twerp (pinkish/whitish leg color, comb type?)

Squirt (her leg color is a mix between Fury's and Twerp's, comb type?)

The last one is from a swap. I thought I was getting the same breed as the girls above. He is nothing like them. He's leggier, not friendly (despite being hatched inside, and raised inside the house for months in the family room). He's also larger than they are, different leg color... What the heck is he really?

TigerStar (a.k.a. major P.I.T.A., yellow legs, comb type?)

Thanks for looking!!!

All help is appreciated!

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