Naming our Ranch/Farm


6 Years
Apr 21, 2013
We need help naming our place. Hubby wants to call it a ranch. I lean towards farm. Hubby likes Rockin B Ranch referring to our last name of Bingman. But if it weren't for my parent's we may have this place, so I'd like for the name to represent the whole family or area. We moved from Texas to Alabama. We live on Hillside Drive in a community named Friendship on a mountain called Brindlee. We have a few chickens we raise for eggs and four dogs (Labs and Doxies). We are hoping to get cows, turkeys, horses, and goats. We have 28 acres, with a creek fed pond and hay fields. There are three homes on property too. One for my family, one for my mom and a cottage for my cousin.

Any suggestions?? Thanks!
Sounds like you have a wonderful place there! I think "ranch" sounds more like Texas, not so much like I would go with "farm." As for the name, I think the name of your community, Friendship, is lovely and may be something to build on. Or, the fact that your property will house other members of your family beyond your immediate family...maybe think of words to describe what "family" means to you, and the name will come to you. Whatever you decide, I hope you and your family enjoy many happy years there!
Naming a farm can be fun! We really tossed a few around when we broke away from our family farm! We settled on a name that pleased us both....ByB Farm (Barnyard Blessings) so have some fun, relax, throw some names around it'll come to ya!
Friendship Acres
Bradlee Mountain Acres
28 Acres
all with the sub title
(Bingman Family Ranch and Farm) a true compromise. Or farm and ranch, that way you both get sort of what you want. Just flip a coin to see which is first. IMHO

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