Nasty Brahma Butt and feathers all over the yard...Help!!


5 Years
Sep 16, 2014
Stanwood, Washington
I have a question about poopie that is building up on my light brahmas rear-end, I think she is also having runny feces.....other than that she is acting fine....also one of our birds is loosing feathers like crazy!!! There is feathers all over the yard! They are all normally healthy, happy, free-ranging girls, all eating normal.....
Is there anything that I need to be worried about, should I just clean her fannie up and be done with it? or could my poor Shannie-Girl be sick.....
Hello there!

I was wondering how old your hens are. They could be having a molt, so the feathers might be normal.

Have you ever wormed your flock before? Maybe they just need a good worming. Is it just the one hen with the poo on her bottom?

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