Nasty looking stuff coming out of hatched chicken butt


10 Years
May 5, 2009
Well, we have 4 chics and they all seem to be ok so far. This is day 21 and of the 13, 4 have hatched. One of the chics had a gross yellow/white mass hanging from its butt area...I'm guessing part of the yolk not yet absorbed. What worried me more than that was these little green balls (like caviar) also coming from the same area. What gives? Did my baby hatch too early, will s/he survive?
The green "poo" is, I assume, from absorbing the yolk. My chickies always have green poo in the incubator, but once they get to the brooder and start eating chick starter their poo turns to a blackish, normal chicken poo color.

Kinda like with puppies. While the puppies only nurse on Mom, their poo doesn't smell bad. As soon as the puppies start eating a little puppy chow, their poo gets that yucky smell.

Your chick should be fine

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