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    This a question for mostly US members, but I suppose it could be the same for others. I just stood through Huey Lewis singing the National Anthem. I am incapable of sitting through the National Anthem, no matter where or when I hear it. My kids are embarrassed when I do it in public and smile and shake their heads when I do it at home. Do they not teach that anymore? Is it just me? Am I weird. I tell my kids they should stand as well.
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    It is EXPECTED behavior to stand during the Nation Anthem; sitting through it is either a sign is disrespect or a sign of being part of a religion that believes that this type of display is idolatry. While I disagree, I can respect that opinion and consequential behavior. Not standing because of laziness is simply boorish. What I usually see is that while my contemporaries grew up holding our hand over our heart during the national anthem, few young people do this today. So they stand, but not still and respectfully.

    Unless your kids are adults, insist that they stand. If they are adults, and you are sufficiently old, get on your best matriarchal voice and tell them to get up off the seat of their britches and be respectful or you'll whop their backsides.
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    Yes, I put my hand over my heart,too. My kids stand in public, but not at home. I literally don't feel right sitting, even if I am the only person around.
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    It's actually Federal law to stand. Title 36 United States Code: 301.
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    Quote: ...and no slouching! [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    X 3 Stand, remove hat, cover heart and reflect!

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    We have a dear friend whose youngest son has down's syndrome. If someone forgets to stand, sing or heaven forbid take off your hat during the national anthem, this precious child will remind them. I know because we were all attending a hockey game when someone was not being respectful and this little boy promptly corrected them- loudly!
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    How sweet is that![​IMG]

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    I was impressed the other day...
    I have 2 foster teen boys.. tough kids.. raised in the streets and in and out of lock-ups...baggy pants, gang involved,.. you know the routine..(although these kids are doing sooo well now.. they are really good kids, they just needed to get out of the streets..)
    We went to a high school B-ball game and when they sang the Anthem.,.. they both stood up and removed their hats and put their hands over their heart and stood quiet and faced the flag respectfully...
    I was SO proud of them,.. i swear i was getting choked up watching them 2 boys,.(.yeah i'mma big dork[​IMG] ) .. ... i had been ready to give a lecture, and they showed ME! [​IMG] [​IMG]
    A lot of the other kids were all still talking and generally being punks.. its a shame..

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