Near Death Silkie after exposure


9 Years
Apr 18, 2010
Patterson, New York
My silkie spent the night out in the rain locked out of the coop. It seemed fine so I just let it in to dry off, etc. This morning it is non-responsive, refuses to open its eyes and just barely moving its beak. Totally one second from death. Anything I can do right now to try and nurture it back to life? HELP!
Keeping him warm and dry is the biggest thing..
i would put some electrolytes in his water and eyedropper it tohim if he won't drink
maybe scramble some eggs with the shell included
hope he makes it
I agree with warming him up as soon as possible.
Maybe try blow drying him on warm-just make sure you don't get the dryer too close to him and burn his skin.
I would warm the water before giving it to him, as well.
Electrolytes are also a good idea.
How much liquids do I give her with the little syringe? She won't take any, but if I squirt warm water with gatorade in her mouth she swallows some. She is dry now and inside in a basket -- not moving. How warm should I get her? Does it help to have her extra warm under a heat lamp? (The chicks have been used to winter weather -- there's two heat lamps in their coop, but it's about 30 degrees most nights tops..)
does she feel cold... check her feet
getting her too warm could also be aproblem especially if she is used to cooler temps.
if your house is around 70 she should be fine if she is dry
has she eaten anything?
keep her in until she seems recovered
the gatorade in warm water is a good idea.... use your judgement on how much to give her. keep it available in front of her if you can and she will start on her own.
good luck
So far she's refusing to open her eyes unless I startle her. She shows no interest in eating or drinking on her own. Her feet feel warmish now. I'll just let her sit on the towel in the basket and let her be for a few hours. Or should I be pushing a few more syringes of liquid? (I've given her like 3 since swallowing seems to be a struggle for her).
I'd try the fluids once an hour or so.
She is probably tired/stressed and has expended a lot of energy trying to keep warm.
I hope she starts responding soon.
Good luck.
Well the strange thing is that this was not last night, but the night before. Yesterday, she came running up to me all soaked and I held her for about 10 minutes and then she was eager to get in the coop, where she sat under a heat lamp and started preening herself. So I thought all was fine. She ventured outside later on again, and I made sure to lock everyone up inside around 4pm at which point she was on the perch and seemingly fine. Then today I found her on the ground hovering near the door and unresponsive.
the things we told you are still good to do anyway and can'thurt, but now i am concerned that there may be something else going on...
i'm gonna look something up
be back soon

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