Neccessity is the mother of all inventions! Cabbage rolls!


11 Years
Aug 16, 2008
Brooksville, Fl
I was going to make cabbage rolls so I thought to save time, I'd put the head of cabbage in the pressure cooker. It didn't work so well-the outermost leaves wer over cooked and the rest were al -dente!
After fussing with a couple I thought Forget this and I lined the baking dish with:
cabbage then
meat mix
cabbage then
meat mix
and then covered w/tomato sauce/tomato soup mixture
It was great!
I baked it for about 1 hour 20 minutes @ 350

it served beautifully
had it like this before, yummy. My gram also makes a pierogi casserole like this too. noodles, mashed potato, butter, cheese, fried onions, repeat ending with cheese.
I always just chop my cabbage up and boil it make my meat ballsdrop them in with the cabbage and add tomato juice let almost all of the broth boil out fix some corn bread spoon it in a bowl with a peice of cornbread oh man its the best

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