Necropsy photos showing very large gizzard with possible impacting. (Graphic)

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    I hope this helps others.

    My little girl died after many days of obvious illness. She hardly ate and when I held her she was light as a feather with no breast meat on her at all. I needed answers and I needed to start learning. I suspected fatty liver but was surprised to find a very healthy liver but a huge, rock-hard gizzard. Im pretty sure it was impacted. This is a bantam hen so I would not have expected such a huge gizzard. There was also what appeared to be a blockage in the tube leading to the gizzard. No grass, string or other suspect matter was found inside.

    FIrst one of her still alive

    Rest now little Silver bells
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    Have you butchered before? Gizzards are supposed to be hard, was it larger than a normal one? That one looks normal to me, but only going by the pic.
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    The gizzard looks normal to me also. Congratulations on being brave enough to perform the autopsy!
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    Everything visible in these photos looks normal, other than the liver, which does look a little fatty, but it doesn't look pale enough to be the cause of death to me.
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    Did you cut open the gizzard and proventriculus? Maybe this picture will help:


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