Necropsy report shows my hen had Mareks..what about my others now?

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    The necropsy report showed that my hen had multiple lesions and that one part of the sciatic nerve with a tumor looked like Mareks. This hen was approx. 15 month old buff Orpington. I have other chickens and I was wondering if at all there is anything I can do? Do I just expect the worst and hope for the best?
    Do these tumors grow fast or slow?
    I have 11 that I was told were vaccinated they are approx 5-7 months old.
    2 non vac. Hens 9mths old that came with the one that died, 15 mths approx. not sure if vac.
    23 that are probably not vac I am not sure. They are over a year but that's all I know.
    Is there anything I should look for?

    Also 18 are in seperate area from others as I got them in July. I had one of those die 8-6 from malnutrition according to report. I got them from someone who wasn't taking care of them.

    I had the buff just die as well as an Easter egger about 10 days ago. Easter egger report showed peritonosis or something similar I do not have word here. They did not say Mareks something about yolk.

    My neighbors chicken died also 8-11 said ovary blocked I did not see final report yet. I sometimes fed those chickens when they were gone.

    I am new to this and it seems weird 4 chickens dead in a month..

    I read somewhere that older chickens don't usually get Mareks but obviously not the case as my buff was older. I just need to know what to expect...

    Also should I wait to blend the flock together as one? I have had them seperate, I wanted to find homes for the 3 roosters he had and then out all together..

    Thanks and sorry for the book..
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    Seminolewind has very good mareks info. Put her name into the search bar at the top. Mareks is very frustrating to have.
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    Thanks. It is all so confusing...I have read so much my head is spinning..

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