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    Jun 4, 2007
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    I see there are not many members on this early. but i was hoping someone might know how to find out about having a necropsy (sp) done on a chicken. I did a search but only found assistance for the certain ailments that my state is concerned about. Nothing for how to go about it for your own concerns. I know my time is limited and i need to go to work soon and my husband is going to want to bury her [​IMG] Any help would be appreciated.

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    Contact your state extension office to find out where to take it. I did it last year, and I took live and dead chickens. I do know they don't want them frozen, but that could be a last resort.
    This is where we went. I know there is a list of state labs somewhere, but I haven't found it yet. OH! I think I found it!

    Avian: Necropsy
    For suspected flock problems, submit 6 clinically affected adult birds or up to 25 affected chicks. Cull birds are inappropriate. Place birds in a suitable container which provides adequate space and ventilation.

    For problems involving excessive mortality, submit 6 fresh dead adult birds or up to 25 fresh dead chicks. Do not submit decomposed birds.

    For individual bird submissions, wet the carcass with water, wrap it in wet paper and place it in a plastic bag. Keep the sample refrigerated until submitted.

    Only those dead birds which cannot be submitted to the ADDL within 48 hours of death should be frozen.

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