Need a good simple feed recipe and a couple of related questions

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    Nov 30, 2011
    Hi everyone! I just read the first 8 pages of the feed recipe thread and wound up horribly confused. I need a simple recipe for a mixed-flock feed that I can have mixed up at a local grain elevator.

    I am feeding about a dozen adult layer hens, a couple of spent/non-laying hens, 3 muscovies (2 hens and a drake) , 2 east-India ducks (hen and drake), a guinea hen, 2 roosters, and assorted chicks in various stages of growth. They all live together and share feeders.

    They free range all day. I get them whole-grain bread and mushy produce for treats.

    I would prefer a vegearain feed. Also, I have been feeding Purena Layena with Omega 3 because my son and I are vegeatrains and that is all the Omega 3 we get.

    My goals for doing this are 1) save money, 2) allow the non-laying population to eat without taking in excess calcium 3) improve my birds' diets.

    What do you all suggest?
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    Calcium can be supplied with crushed oyster shell or egg shell in a separate container and they'll take it if they need it.
    While most chicken feed is vegetarian, chickens are omnivores, so animal protein is superior to soy or pea based feeds.
    Bread should be limited because of the high salt content.
    By mushy produce, do you mean things that are naturally soft or things that are past ripe?
    If the grain elevator normally makes poultry food, they should have the trace elements, vitamins and minerals required to keep poultry healthy to supplement the grains.

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