Need A Hatch Buddy.. Anyone Setting Today 2/26?

Chickie Mamma

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Apr 20, 2008
Sherman, CT
Hello, I am so excited to set my 2 dozen silkie eggs today. Anyone with me? If so, what breeds are you setting?
Wish me luck

To all that are hatching around the same time.. fingers crossed for you as well
I'm setting tomorrow!!! Its my first time!!!
I'm nervous!!

I'm setting mixed eggs. I have EEs, Barred Rock, Barnvelder, and one Polish hen. They are all running with my sweet white Leghorn rooster. So, just some good ol' mixed breed backyard chicks:D
I'm putting in 18 hopes that I get a 50% hatch rate...? I'm hoping that is a feasible goal. Heck, I'll be happy if I get one chick I guess!

I have never candled eggs...but I've read that only at day 7 and 18 is a good idea. Thoughts?
Yep, candle after day 7 and right before lockdown. I always hope for a 50% hatch rate.. but were your eggs shipped? That reduces hatch rate. Mine were shipped, and just hope the Post Office was not too careless with them. I usually have pretty good luck with shipped eggs. Only my last hatch was 2 out of 12. But I usually get about 50%. Candling eggs is alot of fun to look at. Some candle too often. I hand turn all my eggs (I've always had a better hatch rate when hand turned) so I may peek at an egg or 2 at day 12 or so.
Nope, my eggs came straight from my yard!! I'm not brave enough to order eggs.....yet! I have an egg turner in my bator, since I work long days and wouldn't get accurate turnings down.
darn job gets in the way of my hobby! HAHA

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