Need a little advice


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6 Years
Dec 7, 2013
New Zealand

On Monday I should have had 4 beautiful buff orp ducklings arrived.

Day 26 - All four very active, correct weight loss went into lock down when one pipped - but sadly died due to the fact that we had a power cut and the humidity raised really high and it got stuck (day 28). Two completely stopped moving and one of two eggs started to smell - so discarded those

The biggest lesson I've learnt with this hatch is - get an uninterruptable power supply. We don't get power cuts too often but I'm not taking that chance again.

I am now on day 31 and have one egg left in the incubator - not pipped internally or externally but very very active. My gut is telling my just to leave it alone which I have done - but for how long?

Any advice greatly appreciated - thanks


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