need a little help about space per chickens

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  1. sailor_v

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    Nov 11, 2007
    I have been thinking of getting more chickens. I find them interesting pets. I have two sebright bantams (a pair. the rooster is really mean but I love him anyway hope I can find some way to stop pecking me so hard and stop trying to slash me with his talons) I used to have two Easter eggers from a feed store as babies but one died at his early age(I have no clue what cause him/she to die so young. she couldn’t walk, eat, drink so I put the water bowl and feeder bowl close to her so it can be available to her) so I had one left and bought another Easter egger but as they grew together the new one I bought turn out to be a red sex ling but all wells. But then my remaining Easter egger had the same problem from it sibling and died I cried so hard when I found out early in the morning.

    So I have been thinking to get more. I was wondering if I should get more because I don’t want to over crowd them in the coop. the coop is 6’ length by 5 ‘ wide and 5 ‘ tall so I want to know what the maximum chicken I can put in their.

    And yes I’m new here. I love my chickens but lately I haven’t been spending so much time with them when I was in elementary school but ever sing I been to middle school now high school I don’t have time as much as before(except summer vacation. I usually spend a lot of time with them on summer vacation)
    I have my sebright bantam over 4 years red sex link is my newest chicken I forgot what month I got her. I have tried incubating my sebright bantam eggs but all died one by one. Now I found out why. Maybe next spring I will try to incubate them again and buy some Easter eggers again
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    Bantams require 2 sq feet of space. Light breeds require 3 and heavy breeds require 4 sq ft. So I'd say you have room for more.
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    Do they get outside during daylight hours or is the size of the place they spend all their time in?
    You have 30 square feet.

    This is my opinion:

    If they are outside during the day & only use the coop for bad weather & night time, then you have room for more.

    If this is where they stay all the time, then you have enough room to keep 3 standard chickens, at 10 square feet per chicken. I prefer 10 sq. ft. or more per chicken in a pen.

    Since you have a pair of bantams, you could probably keep 1 more standard chicken in that pen if they stay in it 24/7.

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    Nov 11, 2007
    so i guess i have left for one more room for a another bantam.

    i let them out of the coop when i feed them and change the water and give them some more hours to stay out.(latly sometime i had to shorted their hours so i can do my homework.and im the only family wanted them and supervise them.)

    i really hope someday i can expand the coop.i was looking at the coop gallery and i saw a two story coop.i though it was cool and intresting to make.

    edit:eek:h ok now i understand. since they do go outside and freerange for a couple of hours i guess their room for more.

    also i been doing a lot of thinking for the coop.maybe in januaery or febuary i will ask my dad to expand the coop into a two story coop like the one here i saw int eh small coop gallery.i know their goignt o be many hard obstacles to go to.
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