Need a mature female duck or two


Aug 8, 2016
Help! I have 3 male ducks and one female. The boys are "over doing it" with her and they have pulled out feathers on and have caused a scanned neck. I need more mature females. I am in NC and need help! Any females for sale?

Check out your state thread! See if anyone near has any for sale.
OR rehome two of the drakes, and get more hens when you are able. Drakes love to breed on water and one after another will breed the same female, who sometimes drowns because of the weight. Drakes could not care less. So owners have to care.

If drakes don't have enough to keep them busy they will also go after chicken hens if any are available. Duck anatomy is not the same as chicken parts. A drake can seriously injure a chicken hen or kill her in trying to breed her.

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