Need a Prayer Please.

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    Not for me. For one of the Real Estate Agents I work with. She is 44, has an 11 year old daughter, and a husband who is going to have to have a liver transplant, because of a genetic family thing. She hurt her leg a few years ago, bumped it pretty badly on a file drawer, and said this "spot" had always been there. . .last month it came up with a lump the size of a VERY large egg and she had it removed on Monday, a week ago today. Pathology reports came back malignant. They sent it to Mayo for further evaluation, and are waiting results right now. We, in the office family, are all just heartbroken over this. This family is a wonderful Christian family, they do more for their church and from their heart than most 10 families put together, and this is just so hard to me to understand. So please everyone, add Heidi to your prayers and at your Church or family meetings. She is such a wonderful person, and I know God loves her dearly, but we need her and her kind here on earth for a long long time!!! Thanks!!
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    I will most certainly pray for your friend and her family.
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    What He gives us makes us stronger. All of us, through this request, brings us to His fold.

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