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    My silky hen layed a clutch of eight. I let her go broody because our young roo seemed to be breeding with her. She has been brooding for approximately 10 days now. I went out and candled all the eggs, not one fertile one in the clutch. small yolk and air pockets in all of them, no veins. I think our young roo just needs more practice. Anywho, I have been thinking about buying some fertilized silkie eggs and replacing her duds. Can you do this? She has already been sitting for approximately 10 days. She has plenty of food and water in her brooding hutch and appears to be eating and drinking. I don't have an incubator,but I do have a broody hen putting a lot of effort into these dud eggs [​IMG]

    Any help would be MUCH appreciated!!

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    I've had them going broody on me this year - orps that is - i have tried everything to get them off the nest. No luck til about three weeks in and then it's like they know - times up! So I wonder if your girl would give up two weeks in since she's already been sitting for 10 days??
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    I always put fertile eggs under my broodies - it's the best way I know to get them over being broody! I figure if they are determined enough to stay in their nest boxes, then they deserve to raise a couple of babies.
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    Like sc wsaid I am worried she would give up on them since she has already been sitting for 10 days. If this doesn't seem to be a problem though then I will give it a shot. Thanks guys for your quick answers!

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    I have 4 broodies sitting on eggs that are due to hatch later this week. I ordered these eggs after the hens went broody, there were some delays, one thing and another happened. These hens are all bantam Cochins or bantam Cochin crosses. Anyway, I just checked the calendar, and realized that they have all been setting for more than 40 days. One girl is on day 56![​IMG]

    IME, there is nothing to beat a Silkie for broodiness, she is the uber-broody. [​IMG] 31 -32 days probably wouldn't faze her in the slightest (whether you want to put her through the extended brooding period is up to you!)
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    I will give it a shot.

    Thanks a buncH!![​IMG]

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