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    Hi all,

    When I ordered my chicks, I got a bonus "packing peanut," and kind of expected it to be a rooster. My chicks are now 16 weeks old, and I don't see any signs of any of them being roosters, so now I'm searching for one. My grandpa has some he is willing to get rid of, and he has a nice (huge!) flock, so I know they will be good ones. I have barred rocks, Easter eggers, and Golden Comets. I was thinking of getting a RIR he has. Would that be silly, or will that be a good cross? I'm just looking for hardy, good egg layers for my backyard, not anything fancy. I'm not very knowledgeable about breeding (obviously), so this is probably a stupid question, but I figured you guys would know!


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    I'd ask Grandpa which ones are his best layers and then get a roo from that breed.
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    That's not a stupid question! When I look for a rooster for my "backyard flock", I want him to be a docile breed. RIR I hear (and have seen) are handfuls, can be mean and aggressive. I have a Jersey Giant roo that is AWESOME with his ladies (gentle, protective, good provider), he doesn't put up with the other roos poking around his harem but is gentle around them...doesn't seek out a fight, and has even taken to accepting new chicks into the flock...moreso than the hens. I can pick him up, flip him on his back (to check his feet), carry him like a baby (not often), and he just lets me. I'm not afraid of my kids being in there with him. He is a large bird, the breed is dual purpose...he fits everything I want in a roo.
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    RIR is my primary breed. They are good layers.
    If that is the roo you choose, you will have sex linked chicks by crossing him to the barred rock pullets you have. I imagine the golden comets and him will make something that looks like a RIR and the EErs will make a decent chicken all around. It sounds like a plan to me. I can think of a nuttier chicken than a RIR if I want to. And yes there are more calm ones too, but you will sacrifice in other areas. All the chickens are good for something. And all of them are not good for other things. I choose RIR and I'm into chicken raising as an adult since 1986. It will be a good just depends on what you want; but eggs???? yes. you will have your eggs.

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