Need a vitamin supplement for poultry - Clovite? Is there another one?

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  1. TJ

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    Feb 7, 2007
    Hi, I just got back from the vet with our Golden Campine Roo' named, "Rudy". He has swollen legs and they're slightly bent like as if he as knee caps... The vet suggested a vitamin supplement and named, "clovite"...I'm having a hard time finding it locally at any feed stores and I see I can get it online but the shipping costs (ugh!)...

    Is there a more common type of supplement I can give my birds? The vet said that this is common in heavy breeds and that our lil' roo' may be able to live with this but he says there is no cure...

    Any advice is certainly appreciated. Thank you to the others who responded earlier!

  2. wendy

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    Jun 14, 2007
    central louisiana
    we bought something called VI-TAL
    it is a vitamin, electolyte and mineral supplement. made by ideal animal health. i hope that helps you, oh and it was $3.69 for 6 ounces of powder!
    and i bought it at a feed store in town.
    sorry your baby is sick!
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    dlhunicorn suggested a childrens vitamin in her post from your other thread...I've heard of it working for many people.

    There are many chicken vitamin products...some better than others. What would help is to know if there was something specific your vet was making sure your roo would get.

    Edited to add....

    I just remembered that avia charge 2000 is known as a very good vitamin and supplement for chickens.... one place you can get it is mcMurrays--here's the link.

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    May 30, 2011
    Clovite is super good vitamin stuff!!!! I've used it for my show dogs, horses and now, chickens!! You can find it at Valley Vet or most horse supply companies. [​IMG]

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