Need advice for New Coop/Run setup please!


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Apr 8, 2021
I don't really know what I'm talking about, but I've never let that stop me before...

I've generally seen these sorts of structures with some sort of opaque roof on the top and the diagonal parts. Most often rigid, but sometimes a tarp. Mostly for the shade but also to help shed rain.

I suspect if you start with tarps that sooner or later you'll want something rigid. But maybe not.

It won't take long for any grassy area within your run to become a wasteland, unless you plan on tractoring that whole thing around a fair bit, is the impression I get. But that's the sort of thing you're likely to discover on your own.

I feel like you might want a kind of short retaining-wall all around either the inside or the outside, partially to keep in litter but mostly to stop the whole thing from taking flight on a windy day.

I don't think you'd strictly need them, but you might want to put up some sort of walls in a corner or two so they can get out of the sun/wind/rain or whatnot. If they can just pop back into the coop whenever they feel like it, that would probably be sufficient.

You're planning on a predator apron, right?
Ha here we are again! This is all good information from these good people, and as I mentioned I would definitely try the deep litter method though not sure myself how it will work when exposed to more dampness and rain. Still we have to get in there to stir it up and if you catch poop under their roost, we have a plastic tarp suspended below them which is great as it’s more easily dispensed and raked into the “litter”and/or I read that some have an area for disposing of it. What is your zone there and do you have many hard freezes and snowy weather? The structure does need that weather proofing so the sides or one/two of the sides should have heavy tarp or like someone mentioned hard surfaces attached as it keeps wind and blowing rain off the girls. They can’t stay warm in harsh drafts is what I understand. Also clear overhead cover is preferred for the sunshine to come through I noticed on another online site. And they are right about surrounding the area and covering the chicken wire w/ hardware mesh stuff. Ok, on to more reading. Best to you there!

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