Need advice for what to feed for breeding

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by janastasio, Jan 29, 2011.

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    Mar 17, 2008
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    I currently feed layer pellets mixed with scratch grain. Scratch grain is only used in the winter months to give extra calorie for warmth. I will begin separating some of our pairs into breeding pens in about a month or so and want to begin supplimenting feed for better breeding diets. What do you guys feed for breeding season. I started adding in a show/poultry conditioner recently because we had a show. It is $7.00 for 5lbs. I combine it into a 50lb mix of feed. I'm wondering if there is something better and more cost efficient. I looked into a Mazuri waterfowl food last year, buts it $37 a bag. That most definitely will not be feasible! Thanks in advance for any suggestions:D
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    Dec 25, 2010
    i mix my own feeds . i keep my ducks on a 15% protein diet over the winter and change to 16,5% diet when breeding starts. i have formulated my diet schedule on excel . can give u my breeding diet formulation

    cracked corn 2000 grams (2 kilos)
    wheat 1500 grams
    soy meal 1000 grams
    barley 1500 grams
    oats rolled 1500 grams
    millet 600 grams
    limestone 316 grams (the amount of limestone during breeding is 6x the normal amount ducks are not as efficient as chickens in calcium retention for egg formation)
    dicalcium phosphate 9 grams
    methionine 11 grams
    multivitamin premix 7-8 grams
    salt 19 grams

    my feeding program is formulated for wild duck species (cheque the university of south carolina poultry extension pages for more info on domestic duck diets)

    hope this helps
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    I use a high protein gamebird feed 21% mixed 50/50 with lay, or I use straight purina flockraiser which is around 16.5% I believe. Mazuri is great and actually lasts me a long time when I use it with crumbles. I use a small handful (maybe 1/4 cup) per bird each morning and night and supply the crumbles free choice. I have 6 ducks and a 50 lb bag of Mazuri lasts me nearly 3 months and they eat only about 2 cups of the other food per day. Mine free range though so that may be why they don't consume a whole lot. I get lots of eggs daily, even when it's cold and they are always fertile. For the amount of time it takes for me to go through that $37 bag, I have already bought several $17 bags of the other stuff so it may even be cheaper in the long run to just use Mazuri. It takes very little to fill them up, and it doesn't go to waste like all that crumble they spill everywhere unless you overfeed them.
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    Jan 11, 2010
    I just continue with layer pellets for mine. They always get fed two or three times a day - Morning when they are let out of the night pens is Pellets and sometimes scraps from the previous night- ( rice, vegetables etc but no meat items ) - when I get home from work is a little pellets, fruit and vegetables cut up and some days I turn over a shovel full of dirt in the " worm farm area" that they can fossick through ( being summer now its harder to dig- and not as many worms - but it a great source of nutrition for them in winter and spring ) And dinner when they are locked up at night is just pellets.
    I also have a few neighbours that will throw over vegie scraps.

    When they are laying - and I am incubating- I give shell grit for extra calcium with the night feed. If they are locked in all day because of the weather they will also get powdered vitamins in the water - and get to be hand fed worms I dig up for them. I dont vary much between seasons- some of these are show ducks as well as breeders- so I need to keep them in top condition year round.
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    Dec 25, 2010
    Quote:if you can find commercially produced duck feed it would be easier for you to stick to that
    i also have heard about mazuri duck feed and people say it works great (i wish it existed in Greece it would save me from allot of effort,i have to mix my feeds every week )
    if you don't mind the effort i can give you example rations for all stages of growth ,maintenance and breeding. i had to email many people from us universities to get the info so i can make my own duck feed formulation. all parameters are OK scientifically but i loose some of my ingredients due to the fact that there is powder in the feed and ducks like to eat crumbles more but my ducks are in top condition and breed till their 10Th birthday or more

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