Need Advice-Goslings are breathing heavily/panting

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    Jul 15, 2011
    We have two goslings under five weeks old. We are currently keeping them in a horse stall in our barn. It's in the 80s outside, but the barn is much cooler inside, so I've assumed that they are comfortable. However, the goslings started breathing rather heavily this morning and I'm not sure why. Are they too hot? One is not "chirping" as much as usual. We've made sure they have plenty of water to drink and a small tub of water to splash in. I just placed another larger tub of water in with them, thinking that maybe they aren't getting cool enough with the smaller tub ...Any thoughts on what else I could do? Could the panting be caused by something else? We lost a gosling earlier in the spring (we think it overheated)...We do not want to lose any more!
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    Quote:Not sure what could be going on, at 80 outside doesn't sound like they could be over heated. Do they have acsess to the outdoors? sunshine grass etc. you might wantr to put this on the goose thread you might get more response.
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    Looks like it's posted over on the goose thread also.

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