Need advice: how to keep chickens from flying over fence?

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    May 24, 2017
    Our three hens love to be in our neighbor's yard, and have created holes in the old bamboo fence between our properties. We patched the fence today, but they're using the homemade boxes that we built to put over our beds (so the chickens wouldn't dig up our veggies and herbs) to jump over to our neighbors' yard. We're planning on trimming their wing feathers, which may help, but does anyone else have ideas for how to keep our chickens from flying over into our neighbors' yard? (Picture below shows our setup)

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts!

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    Oct 16, 2017
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    I wish I did! We had to clip wings too. However I was planning on doing a net from the fence to the trees we have that run along the fence. I'd probably do something similar with yours. Attaching the net to the fence and the top of the garden boxes.
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    I clip only one wing very lightly, always the right wing (just the flight tips), and only those that chose to fly. or jump the fence. Outside the fence I round them up with a fish net, they do not like this,,,. I only need to do this with the young girls, the hens stay put. These feathers will be replaced at the next molt, I dont have the need to clip them after molt, they have learned where to stay.
    Now I just had to clip 2 girls wings as they were getting to high in the air. They would turn and not go over the fence, but 25 feet up is not ok with me! I have not seen them even try fly again!

    Of course there is this, what is in the yard next door that they are going after? And then, can you provide that?
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    Aug 17, 2017
    That is a good point. See where they go when they go over there or what they are doing. Is it just curiosity or is there something over there they desire? I’m just glad I’ve never had that problem. They stay on our property but we don’t have a fence for them to need to fly over. Except they love to fly over the fence to hang out with the goats in their area. I guess with only eight of them right now they have way more than enough room to not leave the property
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