Need advice: lighting on a coop for young pullets

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  1. Brahmamama4

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    Apr 18, 2010
    I have 6 pullets that are about 7 weeks old and when I went to check on them the other evening they had put themselves to bed in their coop. This of course was when I still had the heat lamp on in the coop. Today I decided to take the heat lamp away because they are all feathered out now and the weather isn't supposed to get that cold for the next few days. Well, I went to check on them at dusk and they were all standing out in the run looking confused as to where to go. It was hard to catch them all and put them away. Should I put a light in the coop? It's kind of a pain to rig up the extension cord out there and I don't like the idea of a fire hazard in my 4x4 coop. Does anyone use solar lights or something like that? Would love some input on this!
  2. joedie

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    Mar 17, 2009
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    Just give them a few days. I think they'll get used to it and put themselves to bed.
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    IT will just take a few days... Just put mine out last week.... After 4 nights of catching chicks ( all of them the first night
    10 the next, then 4, and then just one) Went out last night and they were all in the coop...
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    I confine mine to the house for the first week and then let them out in the run. I also have a solar LED kit inside the house so they have some light to move to when it gets dark. Either way I think they'll figure it out.

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