Need advice, my peacock hates me!


12 Years
Mar 30, 2007
Belleville, Kansas
Its really a rather long and funny story, but not so funny now. I raised two IB peacocks two years ago, they are 2 as of now. I bought another male at auction last spring, but he hung around for 3 months and took off to my neighbors, which brought her into the pea world. I got two peahens for my boys last year and have gradually added some girls and a couple more boys.

Well, something spooked the neighbors pea and he ended up back over here. I captured one of them, in a blanket, it happened to be my tamest boy but I mistook him for the one she adopted. Well, this was back in January. We knew right away it was the wrong peacock, well..errr...within a couple of days. I missed my boy as he was SO tame, but we decided to leave things as they were. Then the first one went back over there, and has been there for a month.

Something spooked them again and my boy and the one that loves to switch homes both ended back up here about two weeks ago. Well, things seemed ok, but my boy seemed very upset. Tonite, he tried to attack me. He is extremely upset with me and he was SO tame and loveable and never never have I had any of my peas act like they were anything other than curious about what I was doing. In fact when I would sit in the yard last year, they would both come up and check out what I was up to, and lay close to me in the sun, etc.

This behavior is abnormal for him, any ideas? Is it insecurity? He went after my leg and almost jumped on my head tonite. I was like "what are you DOING?" then I realized he really WAS being aggressive with me.

I think I need a peacock pychiatrist!
My peacock that we hand raised and is very friendly this year has decided that I am something he wants to mate with, I go into the cage he immediately starts dancing, and he comes at me and bites me and tries to mate with my leg. When he is in this mode, no treats, or petting or anything will detract him, I just have to leave the cage.

Good luck


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