Need Advice on How to Catch a 4' Long Black Snake


5 Years
May 5, 2016
Hi Everyone,
Twice in the last few weeks, I have found a 4' long black snake in my coop, feasting on eggs. I've guided him out of the coop and back into the woods (when he's not full of eggs, he can fit though the chicken wire), but he obviously knows a good thing because I have found slither marks in the bedding numerous times since then, along with a lack of eggs. My girls are upset and have begun laying outside the coop. I would like to trap the snake a release him several miles away. A minnow trap is too small and I really don't want to use a glue trap. Tried Ortho Snake-B-Gone that didn't help at all. I need to do something because the girls are freaked out.

Thanks in advance for the help!
Grab it with hands, if need be using a stick to hold head down until you get a secure grip, then place it in a feed sack for transport. Then take and release. I catch most of my snakes after dark, usually before midnight.
At this time both of my coops w/ run are snake proof during night with doors shut. To achieve this cheaply I covered existing wire with bird netting and secured it with zip ties to keep them out. My problem occurs during the day when I open coop doors and connect them adding more space for hens. This system is not secure in keeping snakes out. I've been dealing with black snake for years [thankful they are non aggressive] and think I've found solution to my daytime problem. Relocating has not worked for me in past since with each attempt in removing one snake another snake would show up within one to two weeks. I came up with a solution: I have a raised covered nesting box outside and away from coop that I put an egg in every couple days. I lined it with some used nesting material and added a couple chicken feathers hoping to give it a hen smell to attract the snake. I also made sure it was a nesting box and area my girls didn't use or like. The black snake that has claimed our area now comes to eat the egg or eggs every 2-4 days from 4-6pm like clock work. He is very shy and skittish and prefers late afternoon. Since doing this over the last several weeks I've had no issues with snakes in coop. :fl Hoping it's a long term solution to my snake problems.:) Otherwise I will have to secure them in one coop during day when they're not free-ranging. Gook luck and please share if you come up with solution that works for you.
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