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I have a few questions about a chicken tractor in my head, probably answered elsewhere, but cant seem to find.

We will soon be acquiring 8 Black Copper Marans, and have been doing much research lately on tractors. It is my understanding, that in a run, each chicken requires approximately 10 sq. ft in the run, an additional 2 sq. ft. in the coop as floor space. This leads me to believe I need a run approx. 6 ft wide by 13 ft long...dimensions are not a big deal- 8x10, 5x15, etc....I also plan to have 2 nest boxes in the coop, as well as 16 linear foot of roost in the coop.

My initial concerns are weight and price. If the tractor is built with lumber, such as 2x4, then weight could become an issue. I have also given thought to PVC, but I live in South Louisiana, and am worried that the PVC wouldn't last in the sun as long as wood can; also having a wooden coop with PVC run, once again weight could become an issue with the weight being too much for the PVC. I will be using tires off of an old lawnmower, and also thought about possibly using all four tires so the weight would not be such an issue.

I am also on a major budget, like try to piece it together budget lol.

Any and all suggestions would be very helpful

Thanks, Bryan and Pam
Scour craigslist for free pallets. It's a good source for cheap lumber. They require more work, but that's the trade off. I just ordered hardware cloth from Delivered it was a bit more that 1/2 the price of Lowes.
Thank you very much for the advice. I have had a change in my thinking over the last day or so, so I believe I have changed the plans up lol. Instead of the ten chicken tractor, I am gonna go for two smaller tractors. easier to move, plus I am able to separate my egg layers (Golden Buff or Black Australorp?) and my male and female Black Copper Marans. Smaller tractors equals much less weight.

Any opinions on these breeds?

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