Need advice rooster conturnix quails


Aug 1, 2021
So I've been buying different lots of eggs online and sourcing around locally different bloodlines.

I have 13 hens
5 roosters now

10 baby quails and lots of eggs in incubator......

I need advise never killed a quail for food before. Don't think ready too atm.

Can i make a bachelor pen for the boys i get here on out? And the roosters i have now. Today we picked up someone retiring from breeding selling quails and got their stock..they are big conturnix quails 4 girls 2 roosters..when she picked rooster up it was very angry. These birds are 8 months. My oldest birds are 10 weeks old.
I don't even know how to integrate them or if i can put all the roosters away from the hens in a bachelor pad

Will the new 8month old roosters attack the hens. Youngest ones is 6.5 weeks just started laying eggs

They all live in cages. I free range them together in a 6 metre walk in run every second day.
Haven't tried with new quails. I think the roosters will be very aggressive toward them all idk

Advice new to quails thanks

I can put a bachelor pad in another property far away..will the boys fight though the old with young. Can it work?


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May 15, 2019
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You might be able to do a bachelor pen with the roosters if they can't see or hear the hens. This depends on the personalities of the birds involved and the time of year. In the fall/winter you have a better chance of them not killing each other, but if you get any aggressive ones, it's going to get bloody.

Two years ago, I didn't think I could do the deed either. I psyched myself up for 2 months before the first time, and while I still don't like doing it, I can. Here are a couple of links that might help you.


Apr 15, 2020
I keep a bachelor pen, and some get along and some don’t. I do have to cull trouble makers. Keeping a male pen will not solve your problems with not feeling able to cull, some will need culling. I keep a male pen so I can maintain extra Roos in case of predator strike, and to keep the past generation of my projects in case I need to back up a step.

Your older males will probably attack each other and the youngsters, if you try to combine them. most of my males in the male pen were added a few at a time with just a few weeks age between, they get used to the shuffle, 8 month old males may be too set in their ways for this. The new older hens may also attack the younger males and the younger hens.

when combining groups I normally spray all birds with vinegar water, I spray the pen and hides as well, then I change the spray setting to sniper haha, and I watch for trouble, anyone who aggresses gets squirted, you may have to watch for a couple hours and once settled, you still may need to offer a few reminders every few hours.

IMO your best course of action is to sell the males. I take mine to a poultry auction, and I usually get $3-4 each, which I think is pretty good for males.


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Nov 28, 2020
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If you keep breeding, you have to learn to dispatch. I struggle with this all the time. I know that if I want to continue raising quail, I have to be the one to cull those whose time has come for one reason or the other.

It never gets easier. You can probably keep a small bachelor pad and rotate your stock as @FloorCandy does, but eventually the numbers will catch up to you.

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